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Tina Peters, the Owner, Creator, Designer of PinkeCloth and Social Media (Apinkeclothlife) 
So first things first, I am just a crafty, funny chic from VA. It all starting with a love of art since my younger years, then sewing, and to what we have now.... Cash budgeting! 
So let's fast forward to how I became a cash budgeter. Well having 15 or more credit cards, no savings, car payment, and other bills were definitely not a direction that I wanted to keep going in.  So I have not always be strategic with my money. Number #1 were not all taught how to manage our money or set up with a fund to get us started in life. Its okay and that is where I wanted to break the cycle. That's where I decided to document my budget and debt free journey on my Youtube channel Apinkecothlife which I had no idea at first that it would inspire so many people to start their journey! 
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