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Hello All,
I am Tina, the Owner, Creator, Designer of PinkeCloth! Just a crafty, funny gal from  Va who has a love for Budgeting, Kawaii, and planner stuff. If you are looking to start your debt free budget journey well you are in the right place! I'm a content creator : APinkeClothLife and I am a cash stuffer and a zero based budgeter who incorporate fun, cute, but functional budget accessories to help me along this journey 
How did PinkeCloth get started:
I have always had a pocket book, planner, and wallet fetish. Sheesh, I remember hitting Hecht's up (lol yeah long time ago) every payday to go see what kind of wallets or purses they had on sale. Usually I would find that they had the same colors all the time so one morning I woke up and was like, I want to sew my own handbags and wallets! 
As we all know things change and I decided that I wanted to get my finances in check for my family and I... Start a budgeting debt free journey and it has been a ride y'all! I started my Youtube Channel to make my self accountable and wow I have met and grew an awesome community of wonderful people who are on a budget / debt free journey also!! So My focus from sewing has switched to budgeting and lets see y'all I still get to do what I love! CRAFT!! and save money 
Where can we find PinkeCloth online:
PinkeCloth can be found on social media sites here:
Instagram: Apinkeclothlife
TikTOK: Apinkeclothlife
Youtube: Apinkeclothlife
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