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Poppin' Pink Cash Envelope Disc Bound Wallet

Poppin' Pink Cash Envelope Disc Bound Wallet

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 Now these Discbound cash envelope wallet here are just want you need! Sleek, Slim, and beautiful. Oh did I mention they will help you save also! Set certain savings goals or savings challenges or use as an on the go cash envelope system with this cute Cash envelope Discbound wallet 

 This is one a6 size vegan leather cash wallet and will come with 20 laminated envelopes. (yep you heard me right! 20 :) ! You can add your favorite stickers or labels to these to categorize them. They come with 6 plastic disc which you can change and swap out with other discs that you have already! Customizable! 

I use my cash envelope Discbound wallet as my on the go wallet which fits perfectly in my backpack or on the go purse and to see it In action you can follow my budgeting journey on my channel at  

Hope to see ya there!!


* The Wallet with Boba envelopes is an example of my Wallet that I use on a daily basis. I have swapped out my black discs with gold disc I had in my stash. you will receive 1 poppin' pink wallet

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