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REUSABLE 12 MONTHS OF SAVING Challenge Box | Savings Box

REUSABLE 12 MONTHS OF SAVING Challenge Box | Savings Box

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LIMITED!! These boxes go super fast and once sold this round they will be out for a while!

So here she is! đŸ„°The reusable 12 months of savings challenge box where you can save up for 12 months, meet your goal and reuse her again  This is seriously a fun and cute way to save.  Can be used for high income savings or low income. Made these so you can tweak to your budget. 

You will receive a plastic 8.5”x 3.5” box container filled with 12 laminated multicolor envelopes with cute pink jars months

there is a cute @7” x 53” savings challenge card with 15 jars to match your 15 envelopes sized @3” x  4  with clear fronts so you can see your money  These are wipeable and can with markers. I normally use a sharpie or vis-a markers so I can wipe and reuse 

These will come in random light colors white, pink, blue, purple, green (trust me they are all cute) 

pleas note that these are handmade and may show imperfections but they are super cute đŸ„°Â 

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